HIMESA carries out integral maintenance, repair and improvement work for machinery, covering all systems. It also supplies any spare parts needed. Below are the different services and products we offer.


  • Diagnosis and repair of mining and other heavy machinery

  • Corrective and preventive maintenance of mining and other heavy machinery

  • Overhauls for the following sectors machinery:


    • Mining machinery: in our installations or in the mine.
    • Public works and construction machinery.
    • Recycling and waste disposal site machinery.
    • Forklifts

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  • An overhaul consists in complete refurbishment of a machine. Carrying out the following operations:

    • Repair and reconstruction of the chassis and structural elements.
    • Reconditioning of all components such as differential, gearbox, engine, converter, hydraulic components, etc.
    • Reconditioning of electrical installations.
    • Testing and final adjustment before delivering the machine.

  • Diagnosis, repair, corrective / preventive maintenance and testing of components.


    • Converters
    • Transmissions
    • Servo transmissions
    • Axles and differentials
    • Diesel engines (computer equipment and software for different brands)
    • Components and electrical systems (computer equipment and software for different brands)
    • Hydraulic components such as pumps, valves, distributors, accumulators, hydrostatic motors.
    • Centralised lubrication
    • Excavator buckets
    • Machine chassis
    • Chain press

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  • Construction and repair of hydraulic cylinders

  • Preventive maintenance contracts

  • Air conditioning installation, repair and filling

  • Specific steel welding, casting, stainless steel and aluminium

    • Mig-Mag cooled welding machines, Tig and electrode welding.
    • Plasma cutting, air carbon arc cutting, exothermic cutting system (thermal lance) and blowtorch cutting.


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  • Test benches for testing


    • Diesel engines
    • Electric motors
    • Converters, transmissions and servo transmissions
    • Hydraulic cylinders
    • Hydraulic components

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  • 24/365 service for making hydraulic hoses and fittings

  • On-site machining service

    • Indoor and outdoor portable boring machine, for joint repairs, accommodation with clearance, etc.

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Products / spare parts

We have a service for supplying spare parts and products for the main components and the machines and brands we habitually repair.

In the last few years we have carried out an important enlargement of our warehouses, incorporating more than 3000 new references.

Component exchange service:

Himesa includes a system for exchanging the most important parts of the machine in its stock of components, such as:

Technical Support

Our team of engineers is at the disposal of clients to offer them all types of mechanical or electrical advice for preventive maintenance in the whole of the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, as well as abroad.

Soporte tecnico

Brands we regularly work with

Interior and outdoor mining machinery, public works heavy machinery, ports, waste disposal machinery, etc.

We also work with other brands not mentioned above. Contact us for more information.


We also work with other brands not mentioned above. Contact us for more information.