Company organization

Our company is organized in four large areas that directly report to the general management. Thanks to this organization, we can guarantee the excellent and effective operation of HIMESA.

Administration and finance handles the economic issues and those that refer to personnel logistics. This section of the company is indispensable to look after our great workforce and our clients.

The commercial area is responsible for looking for new partners and customers, offering our services and products to potential clients, getting new clients to trust us, all without neglecting the clients we already have.

One of the cornerstones of our company is the workshop, where the different repairs are carried out and machines are modified and tested.

The workshop is divided into four subsections to optimize the work done in each of them and thus guarantee quick and effective service.

Each of the sections contains highly qualified personnel to carry out the corresponding work.

The technical and R&D office is essential for continued innovation, committed to new technologies and to improve day by day. This is the only way to improve and become leaders in a world that is constantly changing and progressing.

A transversal section that affects all the other sectors of the business is Quality/Environment & Health and Safety. The Corporate Social Responsibility of our company makes us care for the environment without ignoring the quality of our services and products. We also consider the safety of all our workers and clients is vitally important in order to preserve their health.